wholesale sterling silver Rhodium Plated Infinity Toe Ring
wholesale sterling silver Rhodium Plated Infinity Toe Ring
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RINGS - Stock number: TO11199
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RINGS - Metal: 925 sterling silver
RINGS - Metal Finish: rhodium
RINGS - Width Top: 11mm x 2mm
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Code: to11199
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This is a one of a kind wholesale 925 sterling silver toe ring. The rhodium finish gives this wholesale sterling silver toe ring the platinum look. It is almost impossible for an untrained eye to distinguish the difference between white gold and rhodium finish silver jewelry. The cutting edge finish makes this wholesale silver jewelry stand out above and beyond normal silver jewelry. This wholesale 925 sterling silver ring is of the finest quality, and the workmanship is flawless. The difference is truly remarkable. This is the same finish applied to white gold jewelry. This revolutionary finish gives the wholesale silver jewelry longer durability against tarnish. Silver also has similar hypoallergenic properties as gold. Therefore, most people will not have allergic reactions.